Why Are Ecigarettes Safer Than Regular Cigarettes?

Cigarette smoking has always been considered a bad habit since it directly affects your health but still, there are billions of smokers present worldwide every day. Because of the various health problems caused by a cigarette from cancer, influenza to even impotence, there have been many steps that have been taken to help the people addicted to smoking but not have been very successful, until now! The biggest ray of hope for the cigarette smokers to live their lives longer and healthier is to start with the e-cigarette.

An e-cigarette is an electronic inhaler that vaporizes the nicotine into an aerosol mist that provides the act of stimulation of nicotine. It contains approximately same amount of nicotine in itself as a usual cigarette. Except for the physical shape, e-cigarettes do not resemble the conventional cigarettes at all. Also, because of the lack of tobacco in e-cigarettes, it is considered safer than the regular cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are safer than a regular cigarette because:

1. No tobacco, no diseases: Conventional cigarettes are known to cause various types of problems because of a substance called tobacco that is used in it. The e-cigarette does not contain any amount of tobacco in itself, it uses just vaporized nicotine, making it safer than the regular cigarette that you smoke every day.

2. No second-hand vapor: Even if you don’t smoke a cigarette and the person next to you is smoking, then the smoke of the same cigarette smoke is also inhaled by you too. It is called the second-hand vapor and it is also very unhealthy to intake for an individual. However, because there is absolutely no tobacco content present in the e-cigarette, therefore, its second-hand smoke is not unhealthy at all.

3. Does not light, so no heat: There is also a lot of physical safety involved in using an e-cigarette. Regular cigarettes are lightened up or burnt physically. Hence, if they are always a sort of physical risk that is present in the surrounding of the smoker. There is no such problem with e-cigarette because the mechanism of creating the smoke is inside of the cigarette itself. However, most e-cigarettes give an illusion of a physically burning cigarette because of the bright orange light that is fixed right in front of it.

These are the reasons that e-cigarettes are considered much safer than regular cigarettes and why so many people are opting for the usage of e-cigarette over regular cigarettes everyday.