Introduction to Ecigarettes

The Electronic Cigarette is one of the innovative devices which have been created in this modern generation as a better alternative to smoking the traditional type of cigarettes. Electronic Cigarettes have become very hot in the market these days since it has been created. This is usually because it provides more benefits compared to using the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Brief Definition

The Very first electronic cigarette was made in the year 2003 by a Chinese named Hon Lik. It was first tested and after they have proved that it is safe to use, it was then introduced in the Chinese market by the year of 2004. It was rapidly sold because of its great benefits and advantages compared to using the traditional kind of cigarette. A year after that, it was then introduced in markets abroad and was known worldwide in just a short period of time.

Electronic Cigarettes are also known as smokeless cigarettes or e-cigs. This device is the most common alternative method to the traditional smoking. This specially designed to avoid the excessive amounts of the addictive and harmful chemical which is found in tobaccos which are the Nicotine. Manufacturers of Electronic Cigarettes have designed it to look like the regular kind of cigarette but without the tobacco and the necessity of using flames such as a match or a lighter just to light it.

How Electronic Cigarette Works

The Electronic Cigarette is a device which is powered by a battery which converts the liquid Nicotine into a vapor or a mist. The mist is then inhaled by the user. The Electronic Cigarette has no smoky smell and ash free which are usually the 2 common factors of discouragement to others from smokers.E-cigs don’t contain most of the hazardous chemicals that those tobacco cigarettes usually have such as the high level of nicotine and tar.
To aid the readers in deciding whether they should buy or use Electronic Cigarettes, here are the amazing benefits of electronic cigarettes compared to using the traditional type of cigarette that people should know today. Read more how e cigarette works here.

Advantages of Using Electronic Cigarettes

1. Studies have shown that Electronic Cigarettes are cleaner than the regular cigarette.
2. The usage of Electronic Cigarettes can eliminate the chances of causing fires.
3. Studies have shown that the vaporized nicotine solution that can be found in e-cigs are safer than the nicotine inside the conventional type of cigarettes.
4. Electronic Cigarette offers more flavors such as cola, chocolate, mint, lemon and cherry.
5. One of its major advantages compared to a traditional tobacco is the convenient usage because you will just have to recharge it to use it again thus, you won’t have to frequently go to stores just to buy another stick or pack
of cigarettes.
6. It is more portable compared to bringing a pack of cigarettes.
7. Electronic Cigarettes have a better odor than the traditional cigarette. This will help the smoker avoid complaints from other people around them about the malodorous smoke that traditional tobacco cigarettes have.
8. Smokers who are using electronic cigarettes will now be able to smoke in any area even in smoke free areas such as airports, restaurants and smoke free bars.
9. E-cigarettes have available e-cig coupon with e-cigs discounts for you to save more money in smoking. These coupons can be easily availed through several online sites.
10. Finally, the E-cigarettes are widely available in various stores worldwide. Other than that, E-cigarettes can be bought in many legitimate online e-cigarette selling sites making it more hassle free in ordering for your favorite brand of e-cigarette.

Disadvantages of Using Electronic Cigarettes

1. Electronic Cigarettes Contain Diethylene Glycol which can cause health problems when it is inhaled and introduced in the body. This content is one of the major disadvantages of using electronic cigarettes.

2. Other than Diethylene Glycol, it also contains other harmful ingredients such as nitrosamines which is known a known component that may cause cancer.

3. Finally, it contains Nicotine which is the primary ingredient of the traditional cigarette which can also be give health problems when taken in excess.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, both the E-cigarette and the traditional kind of cigarette has harmful components. However, using E-cigarettes have more advantages compared to using the traditional type of cigarette which makes it quite better.