What To Look For In A Smoke Alien 220w E-Cigarette

Cigarettes have a nicotine content in it, which makes it harmful to the body. Hence, it has always been recommended to avoid smoking as much as possible. However, latest technology and inventions invented a new device known as electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes that can replace the actual cigarette. These cigarettes give a feel of tobacco when inhaled and exhales non-nicotine vapors.

Electronic cigarettes first struck the market in the year 2004, in China. A pharmacist, from China, invented this device. It has a battery, a cartridge, an atomizer and electronic components. These non-nicotine electronic cigarettes have worked at its best. Soon there came many manufacturers who started this business. While making electronic cigarettes, one has to make sure it has good construction quality to make it look different from other brands. The manufacture also has to work on its composition as it should be safe and harmless to use.

Many electronic cigarettes can be enlisted. However, the best electronic cigarette appears to be of V2Cigs or another great choice would be the Smok Alien 220w Starter Kit . V2Cigs have multiple variety of flavors, prolong battery. This manufacturer has launched two models as manual and automatic. Manual V2Cigs has a special button that needs to be pressed while inhaling while automatic remains fully automated. As V2Cigs has many flavors in it, few of them can be listed as Congress, Vanilla, Cola, Chocolate, Coffee, Peppermint, Sahara, Cherry, Menthol. The nicotine content in the cigarette can be put forth depending upon the cartridge type. Zero cartridge type has no content of nicotine in it whereas full type contains 18 mg of nicotine.

The best electronic cigarette has many advantages. It can be smoked anywhere as it does not have any smoke coming out of it. No ash has to be dropped after smoking. Burning process does not take place in these cigarettes. Usual cigarettes have many harmful components like nicotine, carcinogens, impurities whereas these seem absent, except nicotine, in the electronic ones. There appears no effect of electronic cigarettes on kidney and liver of the body of the user. The smoke contains propylene-glycol which appears in cosmetics, food. This content is harmless and used as a filling material. While inhaling, the light emitting diode lights up which fuels the burning of the cigarette.

There have been many researches on the use of the electronic cigarette. Researchers try to find different ways to make it less harmful than the usual cigarettes. However, electronic cigarettes seem the best option for an addicted person to use the cigarettes without harming the body.