The Worst 5 Beginner Vaping Blunders

Whether you are a complete newbie to the vaping scene, or a seasoned vaper in your own right, you have no doubt a fair share of mistakes you’ve encountered along the way. These blunders come with the territory and there is an unavoidable learning curve we all have to go through when taking up vaping for the first time. Forewarned is forearmed so perhaps you will find these tips invaluable in avoiding the blunders experienced vapers have made.


Using the incorrect amount of nicotine


This is such a common problem, especially when you are hoping that vaping will help you quit smoking cigarettes forever. The biggest challenge lies in trying to get the right level of nicotine in your e-liquid so you don’t end up craving and revert back to smoking. This is easier said than done. You have to take into account the amount of cigarettes you used to smoke and then search for the nearest equivalent as found in e-liquids.


A good rule of thumb is to learn directly from the e-liquid manufacturer or the company you intend buying from. Remember if you use too little nicotine you will most likely think vaping was a bad idea to begin with. And if you use too much it could make you feel sick and put you off vaping altogether.


Buying the wrong kind of e-liquid


Most first timers don’t know that e-liquids are sold with specific vaping styles in mind. You may have heard of or even seen vapers blowing out huge clouds on occasion. This type of vaping style depends on an e-liquid which contains a high amount of VG or vegetable glycerin. And vaping with a thicker e-liquid means inhaling bigger clouds also known as ‘direct lung’ vaping so you can get away with using reduced levels of nicotine.


In the same way thinner e-liquids which have higher nicotine coupled with higher PG or propylene glycol are meant for smaller draws of vapor which is referred to as ‘mouth to lung’ vaping. So if you’re coming off smoking it’s a good idea to play around with high PG e-liquids and gradually reduce your nicotine as you go along. Or you could move over to direct lung vaping as many experienced vapers end up doing anyway.


Using the wrong type of coil in your device


The type of coil you run in your device plays a huge role in determining your style of vaping. This goes hand in hand with the type of e-liquid you intend using as mentioned above. Sub-ohm coils like 0.5 ohms and lower are better suited to high VG e-liquids and work fantastically well to produce ample vapor. Coils of 1 ohm and higher are perfect if mouth to lung vaping is what you have in mind.


You can experiment with both types of coils depending on what your device supports. Just be sure to use an e-liquid that matches the style of vaping you’re after.


Overusing your Coil and not keeping a spare one handy


Nothing ruins a vape more than a burnt out coil. Even the best coils available on the market today don’t last forever and hardly anyone tells you this when you buy a vaping device for the first time. Many beginners learn the hard way by burning out their first coil and not having a replacement on standby. Learn all about the various coils your device uses and be sure to buy a few extra. There are also familiar signs you can look out for to know that your coil needs replacing. For instance, If you suddenly have too little vapor production, or the vape tastes terrible, or burns your throat, then it’s time to swap out your coil.


Depending on the tank you’re using the coil life will vary, but you can count on an average of a few weeks in most cases. All the same it’s better to have at least one or two lying around then none at all.


Vaping with a flavour that’s just awful


This one could make all the difference to the beginner. Having tons of different flavours to choose from may seem like a blessing, but to someone just starting on the vaping road it can feel overwhelming. You have to look at your personal tastes and preferences and judge accordingly.


Tobacco flavoured e-liquids are perfect for ex-smokers, but you may want to try something interesting as you progress. Do you have a sweet tooth? If you don’t you may not like any of the hundreds of fruity flavours out there. On the other hand smooth, rich and creamy could have you vaping all day. It’s purely subjective, and you should go by the kinds of foods and snacks that you enjoy already.


There are probably other blunders you have heard of, like the obvious making sure you never run out of battery life, but you knew that one already. Just remember that just as vaping is continually developing you will have to keep on learning. The best part is you will always find a ready and willing community of fellow vapers who are keen to share their knowledge and experience.